Our Directors

John Mejia, CEO


John is a seasoned real estate professional whose drive and determination has led him to found Carys Construction and its complementary business segments including Providence Investments and its management platform. John’s related entities have been involved with over 4,000 apartment units in the Southeast. In addition, he has developed Providence’s property management platform, capable of servicing more than 10,000 units.


After years of frustration with third-party contractors, John realized he could do better. Carys Construction was founded in accordance with John’s personal principles to deliver trustworthy and credible Construction in a timely manner.  Carys represents John’s commitment to providing multifamily construction needs to be done right the first time.


John traces his passion for quality construction and high attention to detail back to his days in the Navy and as a commercial pilot for US Airways. The principles he learned while serving his country have carried over into how John does business. Doing things right the first time, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner are paramount to John and Carys Construction.


John is responsible for all of Cary’s construction work —and for procuring work from area developers, general contractors, and engineers. Building long-term relationships with developers, general contractors and municipalities are extremely important to John and Carys.


Carys Construction strives to be the safest general contractor in every market they serve. Instead of simply complying with regulatory standards, Carys aggressively pursues excellence in construction safety.


From ground break to the closing day John and Carys will be there every step of the way.